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Become an iHost Reseller

Reseller Hosting

Many website developers, hosting companies and entrepreneurs are already making huge recurring revenues by reselling hosting and e-Stores to their clients, friends and family! Join them and sign up today!

Discount Reseller Program

Resellers offer iEasySite services to their clients and bill them directly. We give you discounts ranging from 30% to 50% from our advertised prices. You are free to set your own pricing levels.

Being a reseller is a great option for firms who are working on building up a web design business, creating your own hosting company, or who can simply setup e-Stores for their customers. You are able to offer additional services, in a bundle with ours, to earn even greater profits.

How it Works

As a reseller you are in complete control of your customer. You will sign them up via your Builder Dashboard. Here you will have full access to their account. After each customer is created, you can track them by logging in to your iEasySite Builder Dashboard. These Customers will be listed in the "Builder Resold" section. You will be responsible for billing your client and collecting payments. We will bill you in a single invoice monthly for the net of all Builder activity.

Make More Money - Offer Additional Services

As a Reseller, some additional services that you may offer to your customer in your different price bundles are:

  • Website Design
  • E-Store Setup
  • Website content updates
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Logo and Graphic Design

Reseller Resources

  • Free e-Store*
  • Free Online Advertising Credits for Google and Yahoo! Available to you and your customers.
  • Toll-Free Customer Support

* Free e-Store for 3 months. This will continue to be free if you bring just one customer to iEasySite.