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For Software Publishers:

Bundle Web Hosting with your product

Bundle Web Hosting

Are you missing out on hosting revenues?

Since 1996, we have shipped our hosting offering with millions of units of software. Many of the companies we work with had previously handed their hosting prospects off to a third party. For this valuable revenue opportunity, they received nothing in return. There are many ways to integrate. Let us help you hosting-enable your product and you can start capturing the revenues you've been missing.

Make your product easier to use with our Instant Publisher

  • With our easy-to-use publisher, your customers won't need to learn about FTP.
  • Uploading becomes a snap!
  • Users can trial publish for free.

This feature gives your customers a chance to see their Web content live on the internet, with no obligation.

Turn one customer into multiple hosting accounts

When you work with us, you will automatically be benefit from our Builder Program. Our Builder Program allows your customer to build a hosting or Web business of their own reselling or acting as an affiliate. We provide your customer the tools they need to build their own business selling hosting services. As a result, a product you've sold once can turn into many hosting accounts.