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Become an iHost Affiliate

Affiliate Program

The iHost Affiliate Program is unique in many ways. Unlike other affiliate programs, we pay you a commission on an ongoing basis! You will have access to your customers accounts, but with few responsibilities because we take care of billing and customer support.

Here's how it works

You sign up your customer and setup an account for them. We bill the customer, and pay you 20% of recurring charges.* It's as simple as that.

Make Money with our Affiliate Program

With our Affiliate Program, you have great flexibility in what you can offer to customers. For example, if you would like to create a website for a customer, but not have recurring charges for maintenance, etc., you can do this, and deal with it completely separate from their iHost plan.

Being an Affiliate is a good option if you are not interested in invoicing clients or charging credit cards for our services. This is also great if you have fewer customers. As an Affiliate, you won't have to remember to bill them monthly. We will handle it for you.

Added Bonus

All of your Affiliate customer sites are included in determining your Reseller discount level. This helps you reach the deepest discounts in the industry even easier!

Potential Annual Commission:





  Retail Price per site for 100 Sites for 1,000 Sites
  Basic $9.95/mo.
$23.88 $2,388 $23,880  
  Business Basic $19.95/mo.
$47.88 $4,788 $47,880  
  Business Standard $24.95/mo.
$59.88 $5,988 $59,880  
  Business Deluxe $34.95/mo.
$83.88 $8,388 $83,880  

* Your 20% commission begins once your 2nd site has been activated, and it will then apply to all your affiliate sites registered under your Builder Id.